A drawing. I was experimenting with ink for the shading....Turned out nice. More paint, less Photoshop! If you know what this drawing is about let me know, I sure don't!

Zone 5300 is 15 years old! For their anniversary issue they asked me and fellow illustrator Cosh to design a cover each. The two covers can be joined together to form one image. In stores now!

Painting with the Lastplak crew at the Zwarte Cross festival. A place where art is much appreciated....

Mural at the Slotboomplein in Rotterdam. A giant face consisting of pieces of just about anybody, including their pets ,that uses this little neighbourhood square.
illustration for Zone 5300 Magazine for an article about the Milk and Honey Band, hence the Winny the Poo reference.
These are exampes of my 'Credit Crisis' painting series. Made for the artmarket in desperate times! They are small 10 x 10 cm. canvases that are made to look like little details of a larger work. I sold them very cheap with the catchphrase: "A fraction of a painting for a fraction of the price!" They proved very popular. If you are interested contact me to order yours! 15 euro's a piece or 3 for 35! Larger amounts possible.

SOLD (new ones by custom order)
Another painting. Titled 'Madonna of Sjaarloos'. It's a cross between the traditional Virgin Mary with child and some tiny influences from my wannabe ghetto neigbourhood Sjaarloos (as pronounced by people from Rotterdam instead of Charlois). The broken white lilies symbolise the 'Not so Immaculate Conception'.

Recently I started painting again after being fed up with it for a while. This is one of the results. As always good ideas come at 3 o'clock at night right after you've decided to go home!

Bookmark designed for Vice Magazine. Text reads: "you'd better just watch TV......".
Another T-shirt design; this time my personal take on the classic american eagle/ indian/ wolf etc. design. Some silkscreens of this design on paper have also been made. Contact me for more information.
T-shirt. This time a mighty eagle wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting rubber duck..

A big mural on a abandoned house, commissioned by the city counsil. Painted with spraypaint and latex. The prepwork and tattoos are painted in collaboration with Joost Geertsma and Fintan Scott McGee.
As Rotterdam is a port town I thought it would be nice to paint an old sailor, especially since there are a lot of them living in and around this neighbourhood. He looks out over the Maashaven port in Rotterdam.

Unfortunately my grandmother passed away some time ago and I was asked to make the invitation for the funeral. As most of these type of cards are very sober and, frankly if you ask me unpersonal and boring, I decided it would be fitting to make something a bit more personal and colourful. Considering my normal work this turned out very nice and tasteful, I thought, but, as she would have loved, it shocked half of her old neighbours in the elderly home she was living in...Most people were very positive about it though.

An assignment for Bouwmeesters van Leeuwen, a marketing/communication/design agency, for a campaign called 'creativity starts here'. This campaign by the Rotterdam city council is trying to get more creative people to come to Rotterdam. The sticker combines different creative people and their activities with typical Rotterdam buildings and landmarks...In a creative way of course. It is made to look like somebody 'painted' it on a dirty bus in the mud and dust.
Free work. T-shirt design, coming soon in a very expensive high fashion store near you!
Blacklight painting for an exhibition in Blaak 10 Gallery participating in the 'Museumnight' festival Rotterdam. The festival theme was 'Set-A-Light'. I painted some nasty boyscouts that set a light a sattelite.

Mask design for a childrens drama workshop. The characters are: The Dog, The Creep and The Nerd.

Portrait of the Russian conductor Gergiev for an article about him and his departure from the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.
llustration for an article titled: 'Now who's actually the doctor here?'. In dutch: 'Wie is hier nu eigenlijk de dokter?'
Illustration for an article titled: 'Scared to death of dying' (which sounds a whole lot worse then the dutch 'Als de Dood voor de Dood'.
Illustration for an article titled: 'The usefullness of Resting'. In dutch: 'Het nut van rust'.